Inspection of the preparations for Gwangju Universiade successfully held

FISU expresses satisfaction on the preparations and construction of competition venues -

The International Technical Sub-Committee (CTI) of FISU (International University Sports Federation), a delegation of 38 headed by John Warnock (FISU CTI-UE Chair), successfully completed the 2nd CTI Inspection of the Gwangju Univerisade, from May 29th to June 11th, for 14 days.

This inspection consisted of 20 sports, excluding swimming, divided into 3 groups and carried out a Sports Seminar to transfer specialized knowledge of FISU as well as conduct in-depth discussions with the related personnel in the areas of game management, game facilities, athletes’ village, catering, accommodation, transportation, telecommunications, security, media and other topics related to the preparations of the Games.

Through this inspection, a provisional match schedule was decided for each sport while court layout, athletes’ waiting room, medical office, doping rooms and other facilities plans were also finalized, accelerating the practical preparations being made for the Universiade.

Unitl now, the competition venue for water polo competitions and the basketball finals match had been undecided, as the venues were not up to FISU minimum requirements. However, through this inspection, FISU, the Gwangju OC and the NSF representatives were able to discuss and resolve the issues together.

As a result, the venue for water polo competitions was finalized to Yeomju Swimming Pool. As for the final match of basketball competitions, which requires more than 5,000 seats in the stands, it was suggested to be held at the Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium, as there isn’t an appropriate facility in Gwangju and the South Jeolla Province. The final decision will be reflected in the FISU Inspection results report.

These provisions are allowing the Organizing Committee to minimize the investment in competition venues and utilize existing venues, ensuring the stability of the realization of a ‘Surplus Event.’ In addition, on-site inspections of the 68 training and competition venues were carried out, even throughout the weekend, to check the court layout, lighting, medical offices,

locker rooms, shower stalls and so on.

During the final meeting of the CTI Inspection, John Warnock (FISU CTI-UE Chair) gave a report on the inspection results and commented, "I would like to thank the OC for the thorough preparations made for this 2nd CTI Inspection and I am sure the new constructed venues will become a lasting legacy for the citizens of Gwangju." He also recommended that the new constructions be completed by March 2015 and undergo test events.

Kim Yoon-suk, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee, stated, "So far, the Organizing Committee has been preparing flawlessly, but through this inspection we were able to receive much advice from the Technical Delegates and will use them to supplement any matters necessary."

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