Golden 25 -- U.S. Olympic Leaders #14

(ATR) As the U.S. Olympic Committee heads closer to a new bid for the Olympics, its top two leaders, Larry Probst and Scott Blackmun, will step into the spotlight in 2013.

Larry Probst

Probst, USOC chair and president, and CEO Blackmun are at the forefront of the U.S. push for a new bid. They are members of a working group formed to provide a framework for a new bid. In early 2013 the USOC will make a call for cities to express an interest in bidding, whether for summer or winter.

Chairman Probst, re-elected this week to a second four-year term, is becoming a symbol of stability for the USOC, once plagued by frequent changes at the top. Probst is far better known internationally than he was as a newcomer to the Olympics four years ago.

He is working on becoming more engaged with the Pan American Sports Organization, a vital step towards increasing U.S. influence in the region. Probst is mentioned as a possible IOC member, but with three IOC members from the U.S., that move might not happen in 2013.

Scott Blackmun

Blackmun is the nuts and bolts member of this double act, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the USOC. Besides making sure the U.S. is prepared to bid again for the Olympics, Blackmun is making sure the U.S. is prepared for the upcoming Sochi and Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

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Written and reported by the ATR Staff.