Golden 25 -- Leader of Rio 2016, Brazilian NOC #17 Carlos Arthur Nuzman

(ATR) The head of Rio 2016 faces a challenging year ahead preparing for the next Summer Olympic Games.

Carlos Nuzman is the face of Rio, president of the organizing committee. He oversees the arrival of a new CEO in January and delivery of the first budget in 2013.

Nuzman ends his 12 years on the IOC with age 70 retirement at the end of 2012, at which point he will become an Honorary IOC member.

The coming 12 months are a critical year for Rio 2016, sailing past the halfway point from when the South American city was awarded the Games in 2009. Key infrastructure and venue plans are in the construction phase, and the IOC keeps reminding Rio not to let timetables slip.

To that end, Rio 2016 on Monday announced plans to hire more than 200 new staff by the end of July.

In addition to his Rio 2016 duties, Nuzman is the head of the Brazilian Olympic Committee. The COB has targeted the 2016 Olympics as its chief sporting accomplishment and implemented an ambitious medal target.

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Written and reported by the ATR Staff.