Golden 25 -- IOC Sports Leaders #15 Gilbert Felli and Christophe Dubi

(ATR) Gilbert Felli and Christophe Dubi are involved with every aspect of upcoming Olympic Games on a daily basis. Felli, Executive Director of Olympic Games, oversees preparations for all the Games – Summer, Winter and Youth.

Now 65, Felli is due to retire in 2012, but will stay with the IOC through the Sochi Games.

Sochi is Felli’s first concern, making sure timetables are met with just over a year to go before those Games. Rio 2016 is next, with the first Games in Brazil serving up plenty of challenges to monitor.

Christophe Dubi

In addition to watching Sochi and Rio, Felli will be part of the team examining the three cities running for the 2020 Olympics: Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo. Dubi, 42, is IOC Sports Director. The job puts him in the middle of the process to determine the sports program for the 2020 Olympics, which is one of the major developments ahead for the IOC in 2013.

With a raft of new events for Sochi, Dubi is making sure all are integrated smoothly into the schedule. Next year is also the period to finalize the schedule for 2016 and to obtain approval needed for any new events.

2012 Golden 25: Felli 11

Written and reported by the ATR Staff.