Golden 25 - Faces of the Federations #13 Francesco Ricci Bitti and C.K. Wu

(ATR) One is ASOIF president, the other his proxy on the IOC Executive Board.

Together, Francesco Ricci Bitti and C.K. Wu represent the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations.

Francesco Ricci Bitti

A former Italian national champion, Ph.D. in electronic engineering and president of the International Tennis Federation since 1999, Ricci Bitti, 70, is a late bloomer by IOC standards. He joined in 2006 but will retire due to age limits on Dec. 31, a day before he begins his presidency of ASOIF.

Because his age prevents him from also taking over the EB seat traditionally reserved for summer sports, C.K. Wu of the International Boxing Federation gets the spot instead following his election last May.

C.K. Wu

AIBA president since 2006, the IOC member from Chinese Taipei is also a rising star. An architect by profession, Wu is a champion of boxing reform but also of worldwide growth.

Among his pet projects are World Series of Boxing, now in its third season; AIBA Professional Boxing, set to launch late 2013; and the Samaranch Memorial Olympic Museum in Tianjin, China, scheduled for completion in April 2013.

Along with Ricci Bitti, he will be a key conduit between the IOC and summer Olympic federations as they set their sights on Rio de Janeiro. Both are members of the Coordination Commission for 2016.

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Written and reported by the ATR Staff.