Generations For Peace Steps Up Advocacy Efforts In Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia

The Jordan-based non-profit peace building organisation, Generations For Peace, today held an Advocacy Event for school teachers, parents and media in Skopje, country’s capital.

A total of 30 participants from different walks of life and different ethnic communities took part in the one-day event organised by Generations For Peace Pioneers and Delegates in coordination with local partner NGO, Balkans Let’s Get Up. Preparations for the event and delivery of peace building content were led by Sanja Angelovska, certified Generations For Peace Pioneer and masters degree student in conflict resolution. Sanja was helped by a group of six enthusiastic Generations For Peace Delegates, whom she had trained on the principles of working with children and youth in multi-ethnic societies during the peace building training programme she organised in April this year.

"I am very happy to be continuing the peace building efforts in my community. My fellow Delegates and I are devoted to achieving a peaceful society filled with dialogue, tolerance, respect and responsible citizenship. It is up to us as community leaders to bring about positive change, so we will keep working on it," she said.

Values-based peace building education and sport-based games and activities were presented this time to teachers from two selected schools in Skopje, and parents whose children are attending those schools. The media representatives who followed Sanja’s previous programmes also expressed interest in attending the event, organised at a moment when ethnic tensions are increasing in this young country, recognised by the UN in 1993 after the break-up of former Yugoslavia during the 1990’s Balkans conflicts.

Sonja Nikolova a teacher from Naum Naumovski Borche, observed: "I am very happy to attend this event with parents and other teachers and to see the commitment and passion of these young leaders who want to see change among our children and peace for generations to come."

Integrated into each programme or event Generations For Peace delivers is a survey and collection of feedback from the participants. Following this Advocacy Event, the Pioneers and Delegates will analyse the received feedback as a part of their own learning process, and will use it for preparation of a series of summer camps for children. To ensure the best possible follow up, teachers involved in the Advocacy Event will be the ones who will help coordinate those summer activities with the schools in which they are working, while the parents will prepare their children and contribute to the organisation of summer camps.

One of the parents, Zorica Velkova, commented: "Being here today was very useful for me to understand how much we can do, ourselves and together, to teach respect and tolerance among our children and in our communities."

Listening to this, Muhamad Duraki, a Generations For Peace Delegate who was trained last April by Sanja and now helped deliver this Advocacy Event, continued: "Only people who are willing and ready to change their communities can actually create change. We want to see change in our community and we are willing and ready to make it happen."

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