Coke Employees Go Green for 2010; McDonald's Sales Up, Shares Down

(ATR) Coca-Cola workers will wear uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles for 2010 Games... McDonald's same-store sales up but shares down for May.

Coca-Cola workers will wear uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles. (Coca-Cola) Coke Employees Go Green for 2010

Nearly 550 Coca-Cola employees will wear uniforms made from a combination of recycled plastic bottles and cotton for the 2010 Winter Olympics as part of the company’s efforts to make the Games environmentally friendly.

Coke’s plan to reduce its carbon footprint during the Games also includes using state-of-the-art vending machines and hybrid delivery vehicles. The TOP sponsor also plans to divert at least 95 percent of its waste from landfills during the Games and to recycle all plastic containers used.

“Because the Games are in closed facilities, we have control over what comes and goes,” said a spokesperson.

“It gives us the ability to make sure the recycling is available and that packages go into recycling containers.”

McDonald’s Sales Up, Shares Down

TOP sponsor McDonald’s reported its same-store sales are slightly up, but its shares are down for May. McDonald’s expected greater same-store sales after introducingits McCafe in the U.S. (Getty Images)

Same-store sales were up 5.1 percent internationally and up 2.8 percent in the U.S. Shares dropped when U.S. sales missed the estimated 3.6 percent growth for May.

European same-store sales jumped 7.6 percent, and same-store sales for Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa were up 6.4 percent.

Overall sales slightly dropped 0.4 percent for May due to the stronger dollar.

Investment Talk Boosts 2012 Organizers

Sponsorship talks between London 2012 organizers and Eurostar are reported to be at an advanced stage, according to a report in the Evening Standard newspaper.

LOCOG is seeking an official rail transport partner. French-owned Eurostar is believed to be favored because of its international services. The second-tier sponsorship deal could be worth up to $30 million. Most of this would include free rail tickets from Europe to London for thousands of athletes and officials. Part of the deal would allow Eurostar to carry London 2012 branding on its express trains.

London’s Olympic Park is adjacent to the Stratford rail station, where special Javelin trains will deliver passengers from St Pancras station. Eurostar trains stop there after travelling through the Channel Tunnel from Paris and Brussels.

A day-return ticket to the London Olympics from the French and Belgian capitals costing less than Sponsorship talks are said to be at an advanced stage with Eurostar (Getty Images) $100 is being considered.

The partnership also would help to deliver on London 2012’s environmental promise of being the “greenest Games ever”, which includes getting 100 percent of spectators to use public transport for journeys to venues.

USA Luge Looks for Recruiting Sponsor

USA Luge is looking to partner with a company to sponsor its nationwide recruiting tour.

“Our Slider Search program that can deliver huge results for the right partner, both immediately and in the future as USA Luge develops future Olympians,” Gordy Sheer, Director of Marketing and Sponsorship for USA Luge, said.

The sponsor would have complete ownership of the development pipeline and naming rights to the Slider Search, Youth and Junior National Championships.


The 16th Asian Games has partnered with China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd (CSG) as a Prestige Partner. CSG will provide electricity and green power services for the 2010 Asian games.

With reporting from Isia Reaves and Steven Downes

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