Budapest Possible for 2017 World Aquatics Championships

(ATR) Budapest could fill in for Guadalajara, Mexico as a host for the 2017 World Aquatics Championships.

(ATR)Budapest could fill in for Guadalajara, Mexico as a host for the 2017 World Aquatics Championships, Around the Rings is told by sources familiar with swimming.

Following Guadalajara's withdrawal this week, the International Swimming Federation faces an urgent need to find a venue for the event. Typically, FINA selects a host city at least four years in advance.

Budapest is already slated to host the FINAWorld Junior Swimming Championships in 2017 and the World Aquatics Championships in 2021.

The Hungarian capital is also considering a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Organizers in Guadalajara withdrew from hosting the2017 World Aquatics Championshipsthis week, saying they could not afford the $100 million price tag.

The money to host the2017 World Aquatics Championships was to come from Mexican federal funds, according to Swim Magazine, but budget cuts and falling oil prices have left funds for the event depleted.

Mexico now has to pay a $5 million penalty for the withdrawal, and had reportedly spent $9.5 million of the $100 million budget.

Guadalajara hosted the 2011 Pan American Games. Organizers had planned to use the Scotia Bank Aquatics Center, originally built for the Pan Am Games, during the World Aquatics Championships.

FINA president Julio Maglione told the German Press Agency thatMexico's decision not to stage the 2017World Aquatics Championships was "painful."

USA Swimming's executive director, Chuck Wielgus, has ruled out the possibility of the United States staging the event.

"We would love to host a long course world championships in the U.S., but the economic requirements make it impossible for us to seriously consider," Wielgus told the Chicago Tribune.

World Swimming Championships (25m) Could Cost Canada Extra

A low Canadian dollar could lead to financial woes for Windsor in 2016 as the city prepares to stage the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m).

In December 2012, Windsor's budget for the event was approximately $11.3 million.

CBC News says officials now predict the cost to the city will be "significantly more" than previously budgeted.As of Wednesday, the dollar was worth 80 U.S. cents.

The Canadian dollar has steadily decreased over the last two years. Based on the current rate, the budget in Canadian dollars would be approximately $14.1 million CAN.

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