BMW IBSF World Cup Bob + Skeleton 2015/2016 + European Championships, St. Moritz

Skeleton slider Sungbin Yun is Korea’s first ever World Cup winner. 

Skeleton slider Sungbin Yun is Korea’s first ever World Cup winner. At the BMW IBSFWorld Cup in St Moritz (SUI), the 21-year-old beat Martins and Tomass Dukurs of Latvia down to jointsecond (both 0.07 seconds behind).

The race in St Moritz also counted as the European Championships, and gold in this format went to thetwo Dukurs brothers. It was the seventh European Championship title in succession for youngerbrother Martins, while the older of the two, Tomass, celebrated his first win. Fourth place in the WorldCup and bronze in the European Championships went to two-time Junior World Champion (2015 and2016) Nikita Tregybov of Russia (0.59 seconds behind).

With just one race to go in the World Cup series, Martins Dukurs (LAT) is still in line for his seventhsuccessive overall victory with 1560 points. Sungbin Yun (KOR) is overall second with 1365 points andTomass Dukurs (LAT) is third with 1348. The final race in the BMW IBSF World Cup 2015/2016rankings will be held in Königssee (GER) at the end of February after the BMW IBSF WorldChampionships 2016.

Complete results lists showing all race times, overall times and the latest World Cup standings can befound at, via Twitter (@IBSFsliding), on the official IBSF page, and on the IBSF Facebookgroup. ©RWH2015-2016

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