2013 UIPM Rules Now Available

The new UIPM rules, as approved by the 2012 UIPM Congress, are now ready to be downloaded here.

The main competition rule changes for the 2013 season are:

The combined event will now have 4 shooting series (still of 5 shots) and 4 laps of 800m running. This has changed from 3 shooting series and 3 laps of 1000m running.

The time out for shooting is now 50 seconds, reduced from 70 seconds. So, if the athlete does not hit their 5 shots in 50 seconds, they time out and can start running.

Each penalty in riding, such as a knockdown, refusal and your first fall is now all 40 points.

In 2013, if an athlete does NOT finish the riding course, they will get 0 points. This is the same as running or swimming. Before if rider did not finish course was getting some points. Reasons why they would not finish the course would be: 4 refusals & 2 fall downs which means they are eliminated or an injury sustained to the athlete or the horse.

The way athletes qualify for the finals has now changed:

2 groups - the top 12 from each group + 12 with the highest score of all groups

3 groups - the top 8 from each group + 12 with the highest score of all groups

4 groups - the top 6 from each group + 12 with the highest score of all groups

This will mean that athletes have to run hard to the end to ensure qualification which will bring much more excitement to the qualification days.

For more information visit: pentathlon.org

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