Technical Working Group agrees distribution of ANOC Tokyo 2020 fund for NOCs

The Technical Working Group, comprised of representatives from ANOC, each of the Continental Associations and the Director of Olympic Solidarity, has confirmed the level and distribution of ANOC’s Tokyo 2020 funding for NOCs.

The Technical Working Group confirmed that funding will be made available to the NOCs to assist them with exceptional costs relating to athlete preparation for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the COVID-19 crisis in general. The fund will be distributed to the NOCs via the Continental Associations under the coordination of Olympic Solidarity to avoid duplication of existing programmes.

ANOC will allocate a total of US$11,650,000 to the five Continental Associations. All 206 NOCs should benefit either directly, through NOC funding on a case-by-case basis for exceptional needs, or indirectly, via Continental Association’s Tokyo 2020 specific projects (e.g. training camps or athlete preparation programmes.)

Acting ANOC President Robin Mitchell said:

"We are committed to helping NOCs and their athletes prepare for Tokyo 2020 by providing additional funding that will assist NOCs with the exceptional costs associated with the year delay of the Games. The Technical Working Group has agreed the distribution of the funding in the fairest and most effective way possible to ensure all NOCs benefit directly or indirectly. ANOC is committed to serving, promoting and protecting the interests of the NOCs and we will continue to work to assist them in any way we can."

The ANOC Tokyo 2020 funds will be audited by each of the Continental Associations auditors and financial reports on NOC use of funds will be provided.

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