Russian Sport Battles Pandemic

(ATR) More than 80 Russian athletes are dealing with the Coronavirus.

(ATR) A total of 81 Russian athletes housed in federal and regional training bases, have tested positive for the coronavirus according to official sources.

The announcement was made by Alexei Morozov, Head of High Performance at the Russian Sports Ministry, on a local television channel.

In May, Russian athletes were able to resume training, suspended amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

"Together with the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA), we have launched an effort to detect infected individuals and people who were in contact with them," he said.

"During the entire training period in the federal and regional training cases, a total of 81 positive tests were recorded," Morozov said in the video on news agency TASS.

"These personnel were evacuated from the bases. Those who required hospitalization were admitted, the rest were quarantined. Quarantine rooms have been enabled at all bases," added the official.

The announcement did not specify if the infected included members of the Olympic teams.

Russia has not escaped the wave of infections by Covid-19 that has affected hundreds of athletes around the world, a crisis that has included suspensions and postponements of thousands of tournaments and training camps around the globe. The most notorious postponement was that of the Tokyo Olympics.

In August more than 130 players from Russia-based Kontinental Hockey League clubs tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The Kontinental Hockey League was founded in Russia in 2008 and had 24 professional ice hockey clubs until this year from Russia, Belarus, China, Finland, Kazakhstan and Latvia.

In the latest report from the World Health Organization the number of registered infections exceeds 36 million people while deaths already exceed one million.

The highest numbers of cases of coronavirus infections have been reported in the United States (7,419,230), India (6,835,655), Brazil (4,969,141), Russia (1,260,112), Colombia (869,808), Spain (835,901), Peru (832,468), Argentina (824, 468), Mexico (769,558) and South Africa (683,242).

Written by Miguel Hernandez.