Premier 12 Baseball Opens in Guadalajara

(ATR) Two slots in the Tokyo Olympics are the top prizes in the tournament being played on two continents.

(ATR) World Baseball and Softball Confederation President Riccardo Fraccari is now in Guadalajara to officially inaugurate the Premier 12 Tournament.

Two of the six slots for the Tokyo Olympics will be at stake.

Fraccari arrived from Lausanne where he attended the annual IF Forum.

"The work was intense this week," Fraccari told Around the Rings this morning at the Gran Fiesta Americana hotel.

Managers of the four Group A teams met in Guadalajara Friday to confirm the rosters and the rules for the tournament.

Managers Luis Rojas (Dominican Republic), Juan Gabriel Castro (Mexico), Hensley Meulens (Netherlands) and Scott Brosius (United States) were at the meeting.

Brosius was a Gold Glove third baseman in Major League Baseball, and helped the New York Yankees win the World Series three straight years between 1998 and 2000. Brosius was nominated for the World Series MVP in 1998.

Willie Randolph, who led the United States in the inaugural Premier12 in 2015 is also on the coaching staff.

The venue will be the Charros de Jalisco stadium, about 15 km from the heart of the capital of Tapatia.

The park was built for the 2011 Pan American Games, and also includes a tartan court certified by the then International Athletics Association. In September 2014, it was bought by the Charros de Jalisco of the Pacific League of Mexico.

Last night, a friendly game between the Charros and the Dominican Republic was suspended by rain.

With the exception of Sunday where rainfall is forecast, good weather is expected. The top two teams in the group will qualify for the Super Round in Tokyo between November 11 and 17 along with two teams from each of the other two groups.

Reported in Guadalajara by Miguel Hernandez.