Paris 2024 Olympic Bid "Offers Certainty" -- Op Ed

(ATR) Bernard Lapasset, Tony Estanguet present their vision for the Paris Olympic bid in an exclusive op ed to ATR.

PARIS - JUNE 10:  The sun sets behind the Eiffel Tower on June 10, 2008 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
PARIS - JUNE 10: The sun sets behind the Eiffel Tower on June 10, 2008 in Paris, France. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Paris 2024 Co-Presidents Bernard Lapasset and Tony Estanguet present their vision for the Olympic bid in their first joint statement.

Imagine Olympic athletes competing in the gaze of the Eiffel Tower, finishing their events at the Chateau de Versailles or on the Champs Elysees and watched by hundreds of thousands of fans from the banks of the River Seine.

Imagine world-famous venues such as Roland Garros, the Stade de France and Grand Palais being the stage for Olympic glory, and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean around Marseille welcoming Olympic sailing.

This gives you a sense of what a Paris Games in 2024 would be like; an incredible vista for athletes to excel, fans to cheer and viewers around the world to marvel at wonderful venues and globally iconic backdrops.

Paris is a city with strong heritage and traditions but also excited about its future as a modern, diverse, innovative, sustainable and cosmopolitan capital city. It offers a great stage for an Olympic and Paralympic Games and with almost 80% of venues already built or under construction and with our extensive experience of hosting major sporting events, it also offers certainty.

Paris 2024 is a bid led by the sports movement, with a great team spirit and real athlete involvement, and as Co-Presidents of the bid we guarantee that this will be the case throughout. We are also encouraged by the high level of public and political support that already exists for the bid locally, regionally and nationally and across the political parties.

This has not come about by chance - for more than two years we have been analyzing, sharing ideas, and working in partnership with our stakeholders in sport, in local neighborhoods and in politics and as a result we have arrived at the starting line in good shape. Paris 2024 is, more than ever before, a national and city priority and our public institutions are working together seamlessly to achieve the best results for the Olympic Movement.

On every front - sporting, social, environmental and cultural - we have developed joined-up thinking to deliver sustainable plans and create the potential for amazing legacies.

Having last hosted the Games in 1924, Paris would be honored to host them again exactly a century later in the birthplace of the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, Pierre de Coubertin. This would allow our great city to make 2024 a genuine celebration of Olympism and to showcase the relevance of Olympic values in the modern world through inspiration, education and innovation.

And Paris with its world famous art, theatre, shopping, cuisine and a love of life, promises to stage a very, very special party‎ celebrating all that is good about sport and the values we all hold so dear in the Olympic Movement.

In France we play and watch all Olympic sports and we are fans of every Olympic sport. So a Games in Paris would strengthen sports programs across the country and beyond and deliver full venues at every session and every event on the Olympic and Paralympic schedule. And with our new sports facilities and programs in the inner city, the Mayor has made clear her aim to help local communities, particularly young people, make sport truly a way of life.

Our city of 11 million people embraces 130 nationalities and latest data shows that one in five French residents were born outside our borders. This diversity and the creativity it produces will be at the heart of a Paris Games and provide a home away from home for all Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Paris is bidding for the 2024 Games with new ideas, a sense of past, present and future and a confidence that we can, and would, deliver on all our pledges and commitments. The right partnerships have been put in place and the spirit at the heart of our bid is the spirit of sport and Olympism.

Like all the bidding cities we are at the beginning of a long journey full of opportunities and challenges. The Paris 2024 team is excited to be a part of this race and we are looking forward to mapping out our plans in greater detail in the coming months, listening and learning each step of the ‎way.

Written by Paris 2024 Co-Presidents Bernard Lapasset and Tony Estanguet

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