Battle for Weightlifting Job in Santo Domingo

(ATR) The incumbent battles four opponents in the election.

(ATR) The election this weekend for the Pan American Weightlifting Confederation is expected to be as hot as the 30c temperature predicted this Saturday for the Dominican Republic.

In order to be re-elected for another four years, William Ozuna, the continental director from Santo Domingo will have to overcome the obstacle of an opposition led by the representatives of Peru, Argentina and the United States.

Ozuna was elected for the first time in 2008. A few months ago he was unanimously ratified as the head of the Dominican Federation.

The Peruvian José Quiñones, vice president of the International Federation and president of the South American Confederation, the American Phil Andrews and the Argentine Gustavo Malgor are all campaigning for the election.

Around The Rings has seen a joint statement by the challengers that says Ozuna falls short in three key aspects: in the integral participation of all nations, in transparency with the movement of money and in the sustained and widespread development of weightlifting in the countries of America.

"There is a prequalification of rich countries and poor countries ... As for the rich, nothing is supported and the poor are supported perversely," Malgor tells Around The Rings.

"We want to reverse this situation not in accordance with our statutes"

"I am a lawyer and the formal issues to be able to reach the substantive issues properly, are being breached and constantly violated," he said.

Andrews also criticized "lack of meeting and communication minutes" with member federations and "organization when it comes to events."

He also said that the president "completely ignores" the former Caribbean nations of the Commonwealth and the Netherlands.

"Ozuna is a very kind person, but it is not about the personality of the current president, but about the ability to govern and support the Pan American nations adequately." Andrews said.

ATR tried to contact President Ozuna.

A source close to the Dominican leader told ATR that the president of the Pan American Weightlifting Confederation rejects the accusations.

He said that the reports that will be presented to the Assembly this Saturday will clarify all doubts.

Candidates need 15 votes to win the presidency. It is expected that 28 national federations will vote.

Reported by Miguel Hernandez.