ANOC commits to Sports for Climate Action

ANOC today announced that it has joined the UNFCCC’s Sports for Climate Action initiative, as part of the Association’s commitment to sustainability and minimising its impact on the environment.

ANOC has joined other notable international sports organisations in acknowledging the contribution of the sports sector on climate change and committing to playing an active role in striving towards climate neutrality. A key focus for ANOC will be ensuring that sustainability is a central pillar in the hosting of future editions of the ANOC World Beach Games.

As a signatory to the Sports for Climate Action Framework, ANOC will strive to:

1) promote greater environmental responsibility;

2) reduce the overall climate impact from sports;

3) use our platform to educate for climate action;

4) promote sustainable and responsible consumption; and

5) advocate for climate action through our communications.

Acting ANOC President Robin Mitchell said:

"Today is an important step for ANOC but it is only the beginning. We are strongly committed to minimising our carbon footprint and ensuring that we embed sustainability into our everyday operations as well as our events. But we know we have a long way to go.

"We are not just focused on what we are doing as an organisation, we also want to ensure that we are helping support our National Olympic Committees (NOCs). We know that many NOCs are already doing excellent work with regard to environmental sustainability and so our aim is to use our platform to help facilitate the exchange of best practice and promote sustainability among the entire NOC family. If all 206 NOCs make small but meaningful changes it would have a hugely positive impact on our planet."

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