The most important men and women in the world will participate in the G20 Summit on the facilities of Costa Salguero. Those 23,000 square kilometers will house leaders such as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, among others. Infobae toured the place and the exclusive area for presidents.

The property will be strictly monitored and separated into three zones: yellow, blue and red. To the yellow one will have access the 2,600 accredited media: journalists, photographers and cameramen. Also there will be a "mixed zone", where journalists can conduct interviews with foreign delegations and attend press conferences.

The blue zone, will be for the delegates. The teams of each of the 20 permanent members, the guests and the international organizations will be working here. And only the leaders and their close groups will have access to the red one. "The head of state plus eight," Infobae was informed.

Now, as in any event of such importance, there are some privileged who can move around the exclusive zones. In this case, those at the top are the leaders. They have some presidential pins with the G20 logo, a free pass enables them to move more freely.

The summit will begin at 9:15 on November 30 with the arrival of the first leaders. With their pins on, they will enter in batches through the Red Pavilion, which is number 3. The order of entrance is still unknown, and even curren plans not released can change due to schedule or security issues.

While the president begins his journey on the red carpet (about 10 meters), his circle will do the same on the side a more austere area, covered by banners of the G20. The idea is that they follow their boss, but that, in the image that will be transmitted live, the leader enters alone.

Once inside, they will be formally introduced, and receive the official greeting of Mauricio Macri. Then, the work agenda begins.

The first activity that will take place is a private and secret meeting, "the retreat"; then they will pose for the customary group picture, and then they will open the first of the plenary sessions.

Macri toured Costa Salguero last Monday

The room prepared for these sessions, which will be four in the whole summit, is impressive. It holds an immense round table, with the G20 logo in a three-dimensional setting in the center. Macri will lead the meeting, and the rest of the leaders will be located alphabetically around him. The Argentine president has a computer in his post that will indicate the orders of the presidents, and he also will be the one to enable his microphones.

In a concentric way, behind the table, there are three rings of individual desks for the teams of the leaders. Each country is entitled to three staff members except the ones from the troika, Germany – which chaired the G20 in 2017 – and Japan – which will do so in 2019 -, which have the possibility of adding a fourth one. Regional organizations have the right to two and the president (in this case, Argentina) to eight.

The leaders will have lunch Friday and Saturday in that same room, at the round table. And according to Infobae, several delegations requested permission to "verify the cooking process" of the food. They fear that food can be adulterated.

It did not extend what countries made the formal request, but it is not extraordinary. In other summits the same happened and its a respond to security measures. Some leaders are stricter than others. Argentina assured them that they will be able to verify the process and, so far, they have all applauded the predisposition of the host.

Between the sessions, the leaders will have their "pull aside", as parallel meetings to a larger event are called among diplomatics. To that end, they will use specially conditioned rooms, and they will have to decide if they prefer spaces set with armchairs arranged in pairs (so that an interpreter facilitates the conversation) or the traditional long tables. They will also have a "resting" space with with armchairs and coffee tables.

Unas de las salas previstas para las reuniones bilaterales de los mandatarios del G20 (Foto Unidad G20)
Unas de las salas previstas para las reuniones bilaterales de los mandatarios del G20 (Foto Unidad G20)

Under the auspices of an austere G20, the Costa Salguero site is still being prepared and, less than 48 hours before it starts, Infobae was able to see dozens of workers – all with a gray credential that identifies them for their work, in full action.

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