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Sociedad jueves 05 de septiembre 2013

Today's top five stories in English

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jueves 05 de septiembre 201315:26
  • Moments before the start of the G-20 summit in Saint Petersburg, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner spoke to the press and said that a military intervention in Syria would be "disastrous" and that "there is nothing worse than war". She urged world leaders to call for peace, as Pope Francis and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon have recently done, and said that "the UN must get involved in order to find a solution to the conflict." Pope Francis, who has also been very vocal in his opposition to an escalation of the conflict sent a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin today, urging all political leaders attending the summit to "find a way to leave conflict behind and cast aside the useless idea of a military solution." The President is scheduled to meet privately with heads of state from Russia, China, Japan, South Africa and India.

  • In yet another major policy change by the Victory Front party after the disappointing election results last month, congressional candidate Martín Insaurralde said that if he is elected he will "support lowering the age of criminal responsibility." Regarding crime statistics in the Buenos Aires province, he said "he just says what he thinks," just like he does with inflation, and that "he cannot look the other way and ignore reality." This is a major policy change, considering that the Victory Front, including the President, has always been against it.

  • Santa Cruz province Kirchnerite lawmaker Rubén Contreras acquired nationwide attention today after he rejected a draft bill looking to shut down brothels in his province, arguing that such a move would "encourage rape." Contreras said that as long as the brothels are under control, there's no reason for prohibition. The provincial legislator said: "There are over 5,000 people working in Puerto Santa Cruz. What are they going to do? What is going to be their distraction? We all have a need for distraction and we know that. At some point we need to be with a woman. It's fundamental in a man's life."

  • Justice Carlos Fayt said he doesn't think the Supreme Court will be making a decision on the constitutionality of the Media Law before the midterm elections scheduled to take place next month. Fayt said that "he can't say much" but that the judges have "decided to wait". The 95-year-old judge also spoke against corruption in the country and said "there are no authentic political parties or leaders.
  • The conflict between LAN and Argentina is still making waves all across the political spectrum, and now it has reached the Foreign Relations committee in the Chilean Lower House. Lawmaker José Manuel Edwards said the Argentine government had "clearly discriminated" LAN in order to favor Aerolíneas Argentinas, since the Argentine flagship airline is "not capable of competing with an efficient" company such as as LAN. Edwards also criticized President Cristina Kirchner for "unnnecesarily attacking Sebastián Piñera and politicizing the case." The head of the Committee, Marcelo Díaz, said it was important to keep the meeting from affecting bilateral relations between both countries and that it was "essential" that dialogue between Argentina and Chile remained cordial.